Amazing Ways to Reduce Jet Lag NY Times

Reduce Jet Lag

Great article highlighting how our body takes 2-3 days to adjust to a new time zone. There are ways to adjust in advance of landing in your destination so that you may have less jet lag! Shift lag is much like jet lag and if you take the same approach when it’s time for a shift change, you will feel more alert and energized working nights!

Science of Sleep from National Geographic

The Science of Sleep

Incredible article to read if you have ever wanted to better understand more about the stages of sleep. While sleep remains a mystery, we absolutely know that it is vitally important for optimal functioning and survival!

Will Science Ever Give Us a Better Night’s Sleep? NY Times

Will Science Ever Give Us a Better Night’s Sleep?

What if we could turn off the negative impacts of a bad night’s sleep, or circadian misalignment? Scientists are working to uncover the genetic links to sleep and how it’s loss may impact some of us more than others!

The Negative Impacts of Circadian Misalignment CBC News

Negative Impacts of Circadian Misalignment

Fantastic article highlighting the negative impacts of living in a state of circadian misalignment on shift work. The only thing missing from this article is the SOLUTION! Get trained today! Knowledge is power!


Sleep For Shift Work was founded and created by accomplished clinical psychologist Jessica Palmer. Research shows that shift workers are far less likely to seek professional help for daytime insomnia and excessive sleepiness on the night shift, as compared to all other sleep disorders. In fact, most shift workers (and the companies they work for) don’t even know that there are real solutions available!
Bright Minds was developed specifically so that organizations like YOURS could bring the sleep psychologist to your shift workers, and meet this very important need.

Sleep psychology developed from the need to better understand and treat sleep and sleep‐related disorders. Our focus is to help your employees to manage the demands of shift work and get the rest they need by changing their behaviour around sleep.
The demand for our training program led to the development of our Bright Minds e-learning education platform. Sleep training no longer needs to be scheduled or take away from production time. Further, workers appreciate that they can access information on their own time, from their phone, tablet or computer.

The Bright Minds e-learning program will provide your shift workers with evidence-based knowledge and a step by step plan to achieve circadian alignment on the night shift. Circadian misalignment impacts worker health, safety, concentration, absenteeism, and productivity. Sleep education is essential if your employees work around the clock. The Bright Minds e-learning program will benefit your shift workers to achieve brighter minds and better lives with circadian alignment.