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The Program

What to Expect from the Course

The course will teach you, step by step, how to align your “body’s clock” otherwise known as the circadian rhythm, with your shift. You will learn how to shift your body’s clock to promote alertness at night and sleep during the day. With circadian alignment, you may experience improvements in:



The course takes most learners 1-hour to complete and may be accessed any time of day, from any device making it most convenient for those who work around the clock. Our course is designed to be fun, engaging, and informative with interactive content, narration, videos, and games to reinforce your learning experience.

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“Every shift worker should have this workshop”

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Pricing Plans

we have 2 pricing plans

You may purchase the course for yourself with the Individual Plan or better yet, tell your employer about us and get your costs covered!

$ 29.99 USD


  • Single Student
  • 60-90 minutes
  • 30 days access

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  • Multiple Students
  • 60-90 minutes
  • 30 days access

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Bright Minds Sleep Psychology

You just took the first step toward living a healthier life as a shift worker. As a clinical psychologist, with extensive experience treating sleep disorders, I discovered that shift workers desperately need sleep education, and most are not getting it.

The Sleep Training for Shift Workers e-Learning course was created so that every shift worker could access reliable sleep education. It is my hope that your quality of life and work will be improved from the information provided in this course.

Jessica Palmer, MA, Clinical Psychologist
CEO & Founder


“Bright Minds successfully supported our staff in the transition to a 24/7 work schedule involving rotating shifts.  With their wealth of knowledge and expertise, they taught our staff how to manage their sleep to ensure that they were productive at work and home. Indeed, one employee stated that ‘every shift worker should have this workshop’.  I would highly recommend working with Bright Minds if you have staff on a day and night shift schedule.”      

Travis More, CHRL
Human Resources

“I’m happy to say the feedback from our 24/7 operators has been really positive. They found the training accessible and enjoyable while covering a number of key concepts to improve their sleep management. No two people are the same, but the breadth of advice provided means everyone found a tip or trick that could work for them. Our whole team (including management and operating personnel) is now much better informed on the latest science of sleep for shift work.”      

James Robertson, Ørsted

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